50 Comfy Scandinavian Living Room Decor Ideas

36 Comfy Scandinavian Living Room Decor Ideas

The Scandinavian aesthetic can be applied to many different spaces. Its love of simplicity, natural elements, and functionality is especially ideal for a living room. Take a glimpse inside some lovely, organized and comfortable living rooms that their inspiration from Scandinavian design and get inspiration for yourself.

One of the most basic characteristics of this style is natural wood. In Scandinavian countries, the tree is sacred. As forests stretching as eye, these people constantly take care of natural forests and have a special relationship with nature. Natural wood is clean and light is an advantage, as the wood of pine, birch, fir, oak, beech. To make a peaceful atmosphere in the living room tree is favored to be smooth and rounded shapes. The color palette in Scandinavian decors is very light and simple and it usually includes shades of gray and blue as well as a lot of white. Sometimes bold touches of color can be seen here and there.

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