50 Charming Boho Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

35 Charming Boho Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Boho style typically means a flair for global influences, like the Moroccan touches in the room shown here. And while there’s plenty of excitement in this exotically beautiful bedroom, notice that the palette is limited to purple, gray, and chartreuse. While a rainbow of color is quite common with this style, it’s not required; remember, this is a decorating theme without much regard for “rules.”

Boho interior design presents bright colors, crazy patterns and artistic atmosphere. Bedrooms designed in boho chic style are decorated with bedspreads, the upholstery of the furniture, rugs and curtains in bright color

Here are some pictures of bedroom show how you can add a little eclectic touch to your space without making it look chaotic – I like to call it ‘bohemian-chic’ because it still retains a little sophistication.

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